Apologetics: Who Really Needs It?

f8246cb9cfb457016295052d5d6b77c6Whenever one hears the word, “apologetics,” there are all kinds of questions that come to mind. “What am I apologizing for being a Christian for?”  “Do you really think You can argue someone into Heaven!” Or someone says, “It’s not biblical” (I like that one for sure).

However our culture is becoming more and more hostile. Believers are finding themselves engaged in conversations with co-workers who are skeptical, and have very little information to articulate other than the Bible says.

Folks, I believe the Bible is the Word of God, but the skeptic does not. And one thing that I have been thinking about lately as our pastor has been preaching through Acts is this: Those who lived within the timeframe of the Early church had the events of the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, the letters of the apostles right there in their immediate past.  Today, it is a different story.

For one, the Bible, in our culture, is challenged as history. The biggest place this is seen is in the academic community. What the academic community produces is then disseminated into the secular city.

This is where apologetics comes into the picture.

Many churches have different forms of outreach evangelism ministries. Many in the church are seeking ways to actively fulfill the Great Commission and (hopefully the Great Commandment). Some of the encounters you and I face with our co workers on subjects of spiritual matters, requires the engagement of some kind of pre-evangelistic/apologetic type of discussion.

So, Who Needs Apologetics?

If what I have just summarized describes you and if you would like to be able to engage in discussions with people about Christ and start evangelism conversations without getting in trouble, OR

If you would like to learn how to understand and give credible answers to challenging and curious questions confronting your Christian faith OR

If you are serious about learning if your faith is reasonable and based on facts instead of having your pastor or Bible study teachers do your thinking for you, OR

If you would like to learn how immunize your kids by developing a culture of apologetics in your home, OR

If you are not a Christian or if you are a Christian who is starting to doubt your faith, OR

If you want to effectively learn how to handle yourself in tough conversations with a skeptic, defend your faith and possibly teach others how to do the same,


Why not let us assist you in equipping you on how to answer the difficult questions that confront our faith on a daily basis?

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