How Can I ‘Know’ God Exists?

by Rob Lundberg

Over the last few months, I have had conversations with co-workers who have engaging questions about life and spirituality. Some have held foreign worldviews, like Wicca, and others have a nominal understanding of Christianity. So no matter whether one challenges me with the question of “How do you like your blind faith?” or another asks “When you say God, what do you mean?” the question is still the same. That question is what kind of God exists?

In fact, the existence of God is one of the most hotly debated subjects from the water cooler to the debate halls of academia. In this posting, I am going to share with you one approach to answering the question, does God exist and how would you describe Him? This response will be one that you will be able to bring into the everyday conversation with your coworkers, family members and anyone else we find ourselves involved in the conversation.

In the Beginning. . . 

That is how the very first verse of the Book of the Beginnings starts, but we are not going to start with the Bible. There are some things that are pretty clear starting with the beginning of the universe. The Hubble Telescope can take us back to close to the beginning of this expanding universe we reside in and show us a point where a great explosion happened (Big Bang), which put things into motion.

Anything that has a beginning has a “beginner” that began it. Even atheists struggle trying to prove that something can come from nothing, despite their delusion of believing such absurdities.

The question is now what is the Beginner like? Is this expanding universe chaotic or is there order to the universe? That takes us to a grand design.

there was a Designer. . .

From the recesses of the outer universe to the depths of your DNA, we see design. As one learns the native language at a tender age, there is a design to how it is learned. For example, in English, we start with nouns, then put verbs and then later a direct object. Listen to little children starting to talk, “Christine,” “Christine wants”  “Christine wants pizza.”

Why is Jupiter in the location of the solar system that it is in? What about the angle of the earth? The earth’s rotation is spinning at a certain speed and revolving around the Sun at a certain speed. What if the constants for the speed or the tilt of the angle of the Earth were altered a degree or two or three? I would not be typing this and you would not be reading it.

What about your DNA. DNA sports information. What about the irreducibly complex bacterial flagellum where if on part of that were to come off, it would cease to function the way that it was meant to work or designed.

So if there is a Beginner who is the Designer, that Being cannot be playing games with our survival but must care in order for us to be living and moving and having our being. That means that there is a Moral Being that is concerned about the “creation that we see around us.

The Beginner Has Moral Identity

It is hard to picture this but arguing backwards here, if there is a moral law, that moral must also have a starting point that is absolute. This is where things get a little thorny.

There is a sense of morals in all of us. What is right, what is wrong are ingrained in us. The question of absolute morality is rooted and grounded in an ethical framework.  If there is a moral law, there must be a Moral Lawgiver that has designed the universe and everything we see around us and has fine tuned it in such a way where we can seek and grope after this Moral Lawgiver and find Him.

I could go on further in this but in order to achieve my goal for this posting, I wanted to give you some thoughts on how you can share with others who will not listen to the Bible, but will listen to you if you learn their language and help them along with thinking about the existence of God.


We can explain to folks God’s existence without arguing in a circle for the Bible. But think of it this way, if God began the universe and spoke it into existence, we can go to Genesis 1:1.  If we understand that there is a design to all that we see around us, and that it is not chaos, we can go to Psalm 19:1.  And if there is a Beginner and a Designer who are One and the same, He must be moral and we can go to the very beginning of the moral law found in Exodus 20:1-18.  So without using my Bible how would you and I describe God?

In closing, when we are using the term or defining “God,” for the purposes of this posting, we are referring to One who is , the spaceless, timeless, immaterial, powerful, moral, personal, intelligent, sustainer, Creator and First Cause of the existence and design of the universe.

Does this sound like the God of the Bible?  I very well think so.


  1. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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