1. Each of us is called to exercise our gifts from God. In the broad realm of ‘apologetics’ that may be to study a cult in order to refute doctrinal error, especially doctrine that denies the Deity of Jesus Christ.

    It may be to make the case for the creation story, against strong opinions about “Big Bang,” evolution, and atheistic science. Or it may be a stand one takes against religious institutions that have embraced dangerous doctrines of demons. The Catholic Church comes to mind.

    Whatever our calling, woe to us if we do not exercise what God has put on our hearts to do. We are collectively the Body of Christ, and each of us has an important role today. May the Lord continue to bless you Rob, and keep you focused on your ministry — without allowing the devil to get a foothold — as so many spiritual ideas today are competing for the the truth God has revealed already in the pages of Scripture.

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