What are the Ramifications of Claiming We are “Dancing to Our DNA?”

riddlepicby Rob Lundberg


In recent days I am finding myself running into more and more professing atheists who state that there is no such thing as a “free will.” Now I know that there are those on certain theological persuasions that might make the claim, but this is not what I am talking about.  

|What I am talking about is the view of atheism known at materialistic atheism. Those who embrace such a view would say that we are essentially “dancing to our DNA” and that everything is, for lack of a better word, “determined.”

Some in this view would call themselves “materialistic” atheists, which says that necessary responses are based upon neural-chemical pathways firing off in the brain which are stimulated via the five senses and then forced to respond to the physical laws of the material universe. 

So if you are a materialistic atheist and you disagree with what I saying, let me tell you that your objection to what I have stated does not matter because your brain has responded in particular ways due to you’re having not “free will.”  You have no way to provide a rational worldview to use to explain your experience. 

With this explanation, though, I would like to share five things which flesh themselves out as a result of holding such a position. If God does not exist and a materialistic view of atheism is the metaphysical truth, and we all are “dancing to our DNA” then. . . 

1. we cannot call ourselves “free thinkers.” There is no free thinking due to the fact that all our neural synapses and chemical pathways are firing off to cause a response which is suppose to produce chaotic thought patterns.  We are captive to the response of those chemicals bouncing around and producing the response that should be chaotic. But such is not the case.


2. the product of our thinking should not be coming out in an ordered fashion. There is no free thinking to create order, because of those neural-pathic responses, everything should come out random and/or chaotic. But that is not what we see.  Why is what I am typing here a product of ordered thoughts?  Why is that?


3. there is no moral culpability for those who commit crimes while “dancing to their DNA.”  There is not anything wrong with anything because of the product of our DNA. How does that work for the Las Vegas shooter, the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, the Columbine shooting, the gun violence in the past few years, and other atrocities. 


4. there is no moral culpability, the materialistic atheistic position is in no position to make moral pronouncements. If there is nothing wrong with anything, because we are “dancing to our DNA,” then telling someone or saying something is wrong or right is nothing but moral static. 


5. there are no reasons for law enforcement and those who serve to protect us from each other. If we are “dancing to our DNA”, there is no morality, no need for moral truth claims and no reason for protection from someone else “dancing to their DNA” coming into our homes and “zinging one through our heads” in our sleep. 


Riddle me this:  If I am “dancing to my DNA” then how did I put together these thoughts in an orderly fashion? Could it be that information comes from a source that produces orderly thoughts? Could that Source be the One Who fashioned our minds to think orderly thoughts freely through a redeemed conscience? 


I think the materialistic atheist needs to come clean and admit that his or her objection when they read this is orderly and that there is better position for them to take. Follow the trail of the evidence the God they do not believe in. 


This is not a knock out punch to atheism, but it does show one thing. It shows that materialistic atheistic position of posting that there is no such thing as a free will is bankrupt. We are created by a God who loved us to make us free. But we are free to accept the gift of eternal life that He offers, but we are also free to reject it. Nevertheless we are free autonomous creatures with a free will. 



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