Rob Lundberg, M. Div, B A

Rob is a speaker, blogger, writer, and podcaster with a love for equipping believers using apologetics, sharing the truth of Christ with the lost, and openly welcomes questions and objections from those that are genuinely seeking truth.  As you might be able to tell talking to him or visiting this website, he is passionate about the intersection of apologetics and evangelism.

Rob Lundberg
Bible teacher, Christian apologist, professor, writer, speaker, blogger

Director and owner of this Ministry’s web blog

Home Town: Easton, MA  (now living in Northern VA)

Credo:  With the direction that culture has taken in this present day and age, it has been never more important to incorporate apologetics with strong biblical hermeneutical teaching into the new discipleship of the local church & a gospel targeted conversational evangelism should be used to reach the cultured “happy pagan” today. 

Approach to Apologetics: My approach to defending the faith involves implementing a two step classical methodology. At the same time, I find myself drawing into a cumulative case approach when conversing with a skeptic and answering objections. The reason is that I more than happy to allow the seeker/skeptic take the conversation where they think they would like it to go, as I am very confident in a conversation conversing toward the goal of helping the person see Christ and Christianity as a worldview that can withstand any question or objection. My goal is always toward helping the person see a little more clearly Christ for who He is and what He came to do for us. This is what is called conversational pre-evangelism



  • The Three Faces of Evil and a Christian Response.  This article appeared in the SBCV’s newsletter the Baptist Banner, Apologetics315, and several other websites;
  • Who’s Morality are We Willing to Legislate. This article appeared on the website Intelligent Faith Matters, The Poached Egg Apologetics website and several other blogs;
  • How American Christianity Lost Its Evangelical Mind.  This article has appeared on a handful of blog posts.


Blogging here since 2010 and on Google’s Blogger since 2007

Speaking Experience

Multiple student retreats, churches, and college campuses (Sample)

  • Certificate, Christian Apologetics, Biola University
  • Master of Divinity (Theology) w/Biblical Languages, Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies, Oklahoma Baptist University
Ministry Resume
Teaching Experience
  • Calvary Chapel of Albany Bible Institute, Instructor in Apologetics, 1994-1996.
  • Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, Schenectady, NY, Adjunct Professor, 1998-2000.
  • Hudson Valley Bible Institute, Schenectady, NY, Professor, 1998-1999.
  • Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary (now Cornerstone College and Seminary), Fredericksburg, VA, Professor of Apologetics and Worldview Studies, 2007-2010.
  • Rob’s Vitae click here.
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Rob is also listed on J. Warner Wallace’s Cold Case Christianity website among a list of An Impressive Community of Tent Making Christian Case Makers