God is graciously using the Rob website, articles, podcasts, videos, teaching engagements, and apologetics conferences to impact believers from all over the world.  We are currently registered in 149 countries from all over the world. God is awesome!

We are committed to proclaiming the gospel in the public square and empowering Christians to do the same.  Whenever we write an article, or present a response in writing, give a response to the media or newspaper, speak at a university campus or a to a local church group, an outreach event or release a video on social media, we need your help to do it. 

We are tremendously grateful to the Lord for this, and we happily give Him all the glory!  But to continue doing this, we need God’s people to stand with us financially.  BTW,  I do not receive an income from any of these things!

If you have benefited from this ministry, would you prayerfully consider a financial contribution that we might continue our work?  We use 100% of the financial gifts to help cover a portion of the following expenses: 

•  Doing presentations in churches and schools.
•  Research materials for the development of new lectures, articles, etc.
•  Office supplies (toner, occasional computer upgrade)
•  WordPress website hosting
•  Monthly website maintenance
•  Daily website monitoring and protection from hackers

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Thank you, in advance, for your partnering with us as we seek to change lives for the Kingdom. It means more than these words can express.

You’re amazing!  Thank you!  May God bless you in return for partnering with us!

In His service,

The Rob Lundberg Ministries Team