Never before has there been a dearth of truth on the American landscape like there is today. People are sinking in the religious quicksand of religious pluralism, secularism, Mormonism, Islam, and postmodern

The church is at risk of experiencing a great apostasy as one professing Christian after another moves away from the church, only to sink their teeth into the false teachings of our day.

It is time for the church to rise up in this truth crisis, and do whatever it can to provide its flock with Christian apologetics as part of the DNA of local church.  Can you imagine what the culture might look like if the church in America realized its lethargy?

  • Imagine the church at large being able to clearly articulate the gospel.
  • Imagine a church that is no longer fearful of being asked questions that they do not know the answer to.
  • Imagine nonbelievers coming to faith in Jesus Christ, because they see the credibility of the evidence provided.
  • Imagine a church, where the pastors took their responsibility seriously to equip the saints for the work of ministry.
  • Imagine turning this vision into a reality.

We see our ministry partnering with the local church to help pastors and church leaders provide credible answers to the challenging questions facing the church in  of our day.  We help you with challenges like,

Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?

Can I trust the Bible?

If God is good why is there evil?

Is there such a thing as truth?

By providing answers to these questions, it is our hope that faith will be bolstered in the church of Jesus Christ, and we will see Christians willing to go out and share the gospel of Jesus by giving the hope that is in them away.

With your help, we would love to ask you to consider partnering with us at The Real Issue to help us put forth resources, videos, and other resources and put them into the hands of people all over the world that will strengthen their faith, that will give them confidence to share their faith, and that will protect our world from sinking in to further apostasy.

I believe this to be an opportunity to take a stand for truth by investing in this ministry. And we are asking you to please consider being our partner.

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