Welcome to my website!  My name is Rob Lundberg, and I have served in various facets of church ministry and in the academic world for over 35 years.

And over those years and talking to many fellow believers there is something that has me concerned. Our culture is changing and . . .

Sharing your faith is never easy!

In fact, most Christians don’t share their faith.

The number one reason – FEAR!

I totally understand this!  

Fear of not having answers can paralyze us. Speaking with church people, campus groups, and having taught Bible college, I understand how unprepared we can be. 

I can remedy that by providing sound, reasonable, relevant teaching on becoming a Christian case-maker.

Imagine having the answers to “why” you believe “what” you believe.

Imagine not being caught flat-footed when someone questions your faith.

Well, I want to let you know that I have a solution for you!

 It is a 5 week program based on my 35 years of ministry, designed to help you articulate your faith and become a Christian case-maker. It is called, Real Issue Solution that can assist you, your church or your group to have confidence in their faith to reach their world around them.  

If you would like to ask a question (spiritual or answering a question you may have), ask a question about the Real Issue Solution, or have us to come to your church, or make a comment or feedback to improve this site, please go to our Contact page and leave your question or comment there.

Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.


When we are sharing our faith I don’t believe that we should ever give glib answers that are like  shooting from the hip.  Our answers to those seeking truth need to be well thought out, sound, reasonable and relevant.

Here you’ll find answers for teenagers questioning their faith, or you’ll find answers for your faith! You’ll also find discussion points that will lead you back to answers for believing that Jesus Christ is the answer to life’s biggest questions.

There are many resources here to build your faith and witness. Whether it is recommended reading, or a course (coming in the future) to help you ground your faith in truth you’ll find helpful direction.  Again, please reach out to us on our Contact page to ask any question you may have about the Christian faith, how to encourage you in your faith or life in general. 

Remember, Biblical teaching ought to lead us to Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. I pray that is what you’ll encounter here.