White Papers on Contemporary Issues in Church & Culture

This page is our discernment ministry page linking you to those who have written “white papers on some of the hot button issues in the church and the culture. It is time to get serious about what you I believe on the issues and why we believe what we do on those issues.  The white papers below are biblical and have links to other great resources that are trustworthy on the issues.

The following links are from a great cutting edge ministry call  The Berean Research:

White Papers

Angels, Demons, Spiritual Warfare
Catholicism (RCC)
Contemplative Prayer
Dominionism (NAR)
Emergent Church
Eschatology (End Times)
Homosexual Agenda
Jehovah’s Witnesses
New Age
Occult – Sorcery
Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”
Purpose Driven
Spiritual Formation
Word of Faith

If you have an issue with anything that you see on any of these links, please email me at roblundberg315@gmail.com.