Answering the “God of the Gaps” Argument from Atheists

As it is with my opening illustration, a similar challenge is often thrown down when Christians are conversing with atheists on the issues of faith and science. In those conversations, the atheist may throw down a question where the Christian’s only answer is “God” to their vehemently skeptical inquisitor’s question. The atheist then accuses the Christian for throwing down what they call “god of the gaps” and dismisses the answer. How should the Christian respond to this?

When You Say “Faith” What Do You Mean?

In the context of religious faith, there are many people in our culture who have a “trusting” kind of faith in whatever religion they embrace. The interesting thing is that they are convinced that their religion is true. But just because someone has “faith” it does not make what they are placing their trust in true, until it has been tested to be true.