Welcome to my website.

I am a writer, blogger, Christian apologist, missionary to the church and the culture, a public speaker in churches and college campuses. I am currently writing and teaching the Masters level Concentration in Christian apologetic for the local Christian college. Married to Ruthie Kathleen (“Kathy”) Lundberg, we have one daughter Christine. Our mission is to seek to encourage believers in knowing why Christianity is true, and help them grow in and share their faith.

My approach to ministry comes from an historical Christian approach. My apologetics method covers a wide range of subjects through the means of the classical methodology. Understanding life from a worldview perspective, I seek to proclaim the truth of the historical Christian faith; equip believers to share the gospel of Jesus, defend the faith, and engage various religious worldviews, ideologies and the zeitgeist (spirit of the age), all of which are competing against the Christian faith. 

Since my conversion/salvation out of apathetic skepticism, I have been involved in Christian apologetics ministry for over 35 years, ranging from student ministry, counter cult apologetics, philosophical apologetics, pastoral ministry, and college missionary work. I am currently serving in the local church and as a professor in the local Christian college setting.  

Having a concern for both the direction of our culture and the Christian church, my convictions on the Christian faith are centered in a conservative, biblically, historical Christianity understanding. My faith is a fearless one, because of where I have been to where the Lord has me now.

That kind of fearless faith is one that is confident in the truthfulness of the Christian faith and , compassionate toward those (no matter the worldview) I interact with. With all the ideologies flying around in our post truth culture, I am not feint about what another person believes. I am confident about addressing the Christian faith on a one to one level and from a sound Christian worldview.

As you browse this site, my prayer is that you will find resources that will help encourage, equip and educate you to be effective for your walk with Christ OR provide you with answers that might point you to a relationship with Christ.

If you would like to know more about what I am about or if you have any questions you can reach me by email at roblundberg315@gmail.com.