Welcome to my Resources Page. On the links below are some important links to help you in your research for defending the faith and in your discipleship.  I pray that you will find them useful for our research.  The resource lists are for assisting you in the training of your young people and understanding some of the issues that are seeking a voice in our culture and academic community.          


Small Group Presentation: Why Defend the Faith?                                                          (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: Does Truth Exist and Is It Absolute or Relative.                (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: Does God Exist?                                                                      (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: Miracles v. Magick                                                                  (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: Is the New Testament Reliable                                            (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: What About the 66 Books of the Bible?                             (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?                                 (PDF)
Small Group Presentation: How to Recognize a Cult                                                       (PDF)
Four Quick Responses to the Objections to the Christian Faith                                    (PDF)
Top Ten PLUS One Questions to Start a Spiritual Conversation.                                  (PDF)
Podcast Resource!   Worldviews of the Western World Chart                                         (PDF)
Podcast Resource!   UPDATED: Are Young People Really Leaving Christianity?            (PDF)
Bulletin Insert:         Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus                                             (PDF)


Part One: Introduction to Apologetics                                                                              (DOC)
Part Two: The Historicity of Jesus                                                                                      (DOC)
Part Three:  Our Dependence on the New Testament Documents                             (DOC)
Part Four:  Evidence for the Early Existence of the New Testament                           (DOC)
Part Five:  Archaeological Support for the New Testament                                           (DOC)
Part Six:  Manuscript Attestation For The New Testament                                            (DOC)
Part Seven: The New Testament: Truth or Forgery?                                                       (DOC)


Apologetics Resources (Categorized by discipline and level)                               (DOC)
Apologetics Resources for Young People                                                                (DOC)
Apologetics Resources for Elementary School to High School (with links)         (DOC)
Paul Coulter’s Introduction to Christian Apologetics                                             (DOC)
Resources for the Science v Faith Debate                                                                (DOC)