Welcome to my Resources Page. This page is set up (for now until the resources grow larger) to assist you with resources that will help you grow in your knowledge of and building your confidence in the Christian faith. If you have a question that you would like us to answer, please contact us at 



What about those who have never heard of Jesus Christ?
The Three Faces of Evil and the Christian Response   
The Three Faces of Evil, Pain and Suffering (slide deck PDF)                         
My Defense of Life in the Womb at the Point of Conception
Why Mormonism is Not a True Christian Church
A Page Dedicated to the Defense of Biblical Inerrancy              
What is Conversational Apologetics (Pre-evangelism)?             
“Six Enemies of Apologetic Engagement,” Douglas Groothius             
“The Importance of Teaching Apologetics to Our Youth,” Dr. Randy Douglas.
White Papers on Contemporary Issues, Cults, and Culture


Part One: Introduction to Apologetics  (DOC)
Part Two: The Historicity of Jesus (DOC)
Part Three:  Our Dependence on the New Testament Documents  (DOC)
Part Four:  Evidence for the Early Existence of the New Testament  (DOC)
Part Five:  Archaeological Support for the New Testament  (DOC)
Part Six:   Manuscript Attestation For The New Testament (DOC)
Part Seven: The New Testament: Truth or Forgery?  (DOC)

Short Essays

  • What is the definition of apologetics?  (Link)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Apologetics (Link)
  • What is the Relationship between Apologetics and Evangelism?  (Link)
  • Eight Thoughts from the Proverbs on Talking to Skeptics (Link)
  • Back to Basics:  What is Truth?  Is it Absolute or Relative? (Link)
  • Legalized Gambling:  Is it Really All What It’s Cracked Up to Be? (Link)
  • What Does the Bible Have to Say to the Issue of Pornography? (Link)
  • An interview with a former performer in the adult industry (Link)
  • What is eternal life?  (Link)
  • What does it mean to be a Christian? (Link)
  • Can there be “another Jesus,” “another Spirit,” and “another gospel?” (Link)
  • What do you mean by “worldview”? (Link)
  • Can we be sure that God exists? (Link)
  • How could God really hear the prayers of so many people? (Link)

THE CASE FOR CHRISTIANITY (Issachar Institute, 1994)

The Issachar Institute Newsletter,
 Volume 1 No. 1, 1993  (PDF)
The Case for Christianity Part 1: The Historicity of the Bible  (PDF)
The Case for Christianity Part 2: The Authenticity of the Bible  (PDF)
The Case for Christianity Part 3: Who is Jesus?  (PDF)
The Case for Christianity Part 4: Who is Jesus, His Resurrection  (PDF)
The Case for Christianity Part 5: What Did Jesus Believe About the Bible?  (PDF)


Apologetics Resources (Categorized by discipline and level)  (DOC)
Apologetics Resources for Young People   (DOC)
Apologetics Resources for Elementary School to High School (with links(DOC)
Resources for the Science v Faith Debate  (DOC)


Christian Classics Ethereal Library 
The Library of Historical Apologetics
Early Christian Writings and Ancient Writings


Logical Fallacies Information Page
Logically Fallacious (Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Fallacies) 
University of Purdue Online Writing Lab (Logical Fallacies)
University of Texas El Paso Master List of Logical Fallacies