A Quick Look at Theism

robgoodgravatarby Rob Lundberg

For several centuries the theistic worldview has been criticized as being outdated by its modern critics. Some have even stated that it is a by-product of man’s wishful thinking. In this quick post, I would like to present four quick, but solid reasons why I believe theism to be true. You may agree with these. You may have others. If you do please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

1. Theism offers a first cause for the explanation of the origin of the universe.  While there are many theories of existence, many scientists believe that the best explanation for the universe’s beginning is that something or some “One” caused the universe to exist.[1]  This is also consistent with the scientific principle of the law of causality which states that “everything that has a beginning needs a cause.”  The universe’s beginning was caused and most logically possible that the cause was outside of itself, because it did not begin prior to its cause that put it in existence.

2. The theistic worldview possesses an absolute unchanging basis by which you and I can make moral decisions. Because this value standard exists above, beyond and in the world, it can serve as ultimate judge and jury for conflicts and strivings between individuals, cultures, and the world’s moral system. To buck against this fact, those who are skeptical to theism are stuck in the mire of moral relativism which is essentially unlivable.

3. The third thing I would like to draw in here is centralized on the idea of hope and meaning in life. Where do these come from? The theistic worldview offers meaning and hope to millions of people worldwide. The whole concept of rewards and punishments is a powerful factor for moral living and making moral choices. Personal deeds within a theistic framework count not only for time but also for eternity, because there is an accountability factor between God and His creature. 

Those who have experienced suffering have found hope and comfort within a theistic worldview because of its emphasis on an afterlife (Revelation 21:4).

4. Lastly, the God of theism is perfect in every way. Therefore God is worthy of our ultimate worship. Unlike the world views that we will look at in future posts, the God of the theistic worldview is Uncaused and absolutely just. All the other world views deities are less than perfect in contrast to the God in a theistic (monotheistic) worldview.  Theism maintains worship should only be given to the ultimate being (God). All too often, those who embrace other world views render devotion to one who is less than ultimate Being.


I wanted to start off with the theistic worldview because it is like starting off with standard by which other world views can be evaluated.  As we go through the remaining six, I believe we will find this to be true. The God of the theistic worldview is equivalent to the God of the Christian and the Jewish understanding of God.  While Islam is monotheistic, there are significant differences in the rendering of who and what God is like.


[1] Elementary philosophy addresses various kinds of causes, in trying to come up with possible solutions studying the law of causality.  Some of the various views of existences are ranging from non-existence, to the impossibility of self-causations, to the more plausible contingent (cause outside of itself) causations, and finally to what God is described as an uncaused being,  In describing God, I am referring to one that is spacelesstimelessimmaterialpowerfulmoralpersonalintelligentsustainerCreator and First Cause of the existence and design of the universe.  God is the only entity in existence, the reason for whose existence is in Himself. This an argument starting from necessary Being.

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