The Law of Biology


by Rob Lundberg

Biology is the study of life and science in its purest sense is the search for the knowledge of causes using the scientific method.  If you tie terms together, biological science, you have what is known as the science of searching for the cause and sustaining of life. This brings us to our next First Principle,  the law of biology.


If the word “biology” literally means the science or study of life, when we study biology, it doesn’t take long to encounter the word “species.” The choice of this term, as opposed to some other, is based on the law of specificity. The law of specificity is the reciprocal function of the second law of thermodynamics. This law is analogous to turning back the hand of time and getting a system back into its original highly ordered state.

An Application with some Biblical References: The law of specified complexity requires Intelligent Causation. Language has an intelligent cause. It is ordered and not chaotic, thus not a product of evolution.  However, we cannot have language unless logic/intelligence is the foundation.

We see  this when our children first learn to talk.  Think back if you’re a parent or a parent with a toddler learning to talk.  There is order. . . subject (personal or object) and then verb association.  Then comes the direct object.  Order.

This law is also implied throughout God’s Word. We read it in Genesis 1 when we read that God created humanity in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). That is, His intellectual, moral, volitional and spiritual image. The intellectual image refers to logic and eventually language.

The clearest statement of this “logos” or eternal reason is found in John 1:1-2. “In the beginning was the Word [logos], and the Word [logos] was with God, and the Word [logos] was God.” When I think of Jesus, this description of Him comes to mind with respect to Him being the Intelligent Cause (Colossians 1:15,16) behind the effect with respect to the DNA code.
Rob is a blogger, professor, writer, and public speaker on a mission to equip the believer to articulate what and why they believe to a confused culture in a “brave new world.”

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