No Need to Fear in Sharing Your Faith

by Rob Lundberg

And over those years and talking to many fellow believers there is something that has me concerned. Our culture is changing and . . .

Sharing your faith is never easy!  In fact, most Christians don’t share their faith. If you ask the average person why they hesitate in sharing their faith or the gospel with someone, it is the number one reason – FEAR!

I want you to know that I totally understand this!  What kind of fears might we have?   Fear of not having answers or not getting someone to say yes to the message of the gospel  can paralyze us. 
Having opportunities to speaking with church people, campus groups, and having taught Bible college, I understand how unprepared we can be. 

I would like you to know that I believe that I can help you with a remedy that provides a sound, reasonable, relevant teaching on becoming a Christian case-maker. What our goal is that when you go through our training, you will be less fearful and hopefully come out with a fearless faith.

Imagine having the answers to question on “why” you believe “what” you believe.

Imagine not being caught flat-footed when someone questions you about your faith.

Well, I want to let you know that I believe our Real Issue Solution will help you and your church be confident to witness to “anything that moves. Let us help you and your church.

If you are interested in reading more, please click on this link.

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