Prayer and the Apologist

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that helps us, as followers of Jesus Christ, to practice the presence of God. It is a privilege for us to partake in the I/You (God) relationship that we have with our Lord.  Prayer brings us to the place where we abandon our pride before a holy and loving God. Prayer is the place where we worship and have our hope lifted. It is a time to intercede for others, and make supplications. When we come to the Lord in prayer it is about aligning our will with God’s will, adopting humility, and claiming our dependence upon God.

Five Challenges for Living Out the Life We Defend

There is an old adage that people believe what they do. Some folks believe what they do, but have never taken into consideration as to whether those beliefs are true, and coherent with the world. As a former skeptic and one who has a love for the spiritual disciplines of loving God with the mind, I believe there some challenges that we have now, and will have to “nail down” as we see our culture evolve into more of a post truth culture, where people listen with their eyes and think with their feelings, in spite of the fact that objective truth exists.