Unknown Webcast Guest Appearance: Apologetics, Discipleship and Evangelism

by Rob Lundberg

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Most of the changes you have seen have been the addition of new pages and updates on several of them.

That being stated, I think it is as good a time as any, to say this but I have been busy with course preparation at the local Christian College and with work.

As we have seen the recent shifts in our culture and government, I have been praying about how this ministry needs to adjust to make a better impact and so we have been pondering how to shift this ministry into a clear focus.

I hope to have more on that as well, so look for more posts in the very near future.

To get things back up and rolling, I wanted to share this video of a recent webcast I was on. I was a guest on Midwest Christian Outreach’s, “The Unknown Webcast” with Don Veniot and Pastor Dan Cox.

The Unknown Webcast is the video podcast of Midwest Christian Outreach, with Don Veniot and Ron Henzel. Ron could not be on the show so Don had his pastor, Pastor Dan Cox, sitting in for Ron. Don, Ron and I go back to the early days of counter cult ministry in the 90’s and we had a chance to reconnect and reflect a little on this show.
The topic for this webcast discussion is a very important one, on how apologetics can be a tool in the church to reinforce ministry in the areas of discipleship and evangelism.

I pray that this video speaks to you and that it will encourage you.

We live in dire days. It is time for us to rise up and speak boldly on the issues of our day. And that is what I plan on doing that here as well.

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