A Practical Definition for Apologetics

Whenever the word apologetics comes into a conversation, there are different connotations come to mind.  One is “why do I have to apologize for what I believe.”  Another thought comes to mind, in recent days, is about how we might defend the faith or respond to non-believers questions.  In some situations we might be needing to apologize for HOW we present our case.

Five Challenges for Living Out the Life We Defend

There is an old adage that people believe what they do. Some folks believe what they do, but have never taken into consideration as to whether those beliefs are true, and coherent with the world. As a former skeptic and one who has a love for the spiritual disciplines of loving God with the mind, I believe there some challenges that we have now, and will have to “nail down” as we see our culture evolve into more of a post truth culture, where people listen with their eyes and think with their feelings, in spite of the fact that objective truth exists.

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